About me

A brief introduction about my self

Baptiste Wallerich

Webdesigner & Web Developer

I'm crazy about the web and everything which is linked to website creation. I put my finger in all kind of pie until it's talking about websites : from user experience to search engine optimization.

I'm as curious as I'm creative and it's not rare I spend my time exploring strangest techniques for hours. I love well done job and team work. I deeply think working within a team is a powerful way of learning, sharing and creating high quality websites!

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Technical skills

I can say i’m quite good at



Webdesign, flyers, graphic design..



Responsive interfaces!



Adding some magic!



CodeIgniter and Laravel


Server Admin.

To make it run :)


Java & C

Could be usefull, right?

Work experiences

My previous associations

Sept, 2014

Fevad (75)


The Fevad (Fédération E-commerce et Vente A Distance) is a federation based in Paris, France. It helps most of the biggest E-Business enterprises in France (such as Amazon, eBay, laFnac...) communicating or solving their clients problems. The Fevad is also doing a lot of studies, workshops and events about the E-Business environment. Here I'm working with providers and I help the Fevad doing the right choices in various aspects (graphic recommendations, technologic choices, e-reputation...). I'm also programming, designing and helping colleagues when it's needed.

Avril, 2013

Netlor SAS (54)

Web developper

Netlor SAS is a small enterprise based in Nancy, France. They develop solutions for institutions, local enterprises or particulars. They work with a handmade CMS named Dim's. I have been working on assets management in order to reduce frontend footprint.

Avril, 2012



The PEEL, Pôle Enteprenariat Etudiant de Lorraine is an organism managed by Lorraine University in order to help young entrepreneurs to develop innovative projets. I've been working on Sharly, a student-based social network which is a project I started with some friends during my scholarship.

Education and Diplomas

What I have done in my academic career


DUETI Computer Sciences

Linköping University

Following some courses in computer related field. Improving me English as much as possible. Learning Swedish and new (amazing) culture!


DUT Computer Sciences

IUT Charlemagne, Nancy

General formation about computer sciences : programming, algorthmic, mathematics, web programming, networks, mobile programming..


Showcase of my latest works

Mini-site Favor'i 2014

A mini-site done in order to promote a Fevad event, the Favor'i du E-Commerce 2014.

This mini-site has to main objectives : communicate before the event and allow candidates to apply for the contest. The design is intentionnaly clean and light. It comes from the webdesign from the main website of the Favor'i du E-Commerce 2014.

Application for Best Gamer Job

This website has been done to apply for Best Gamer Job. It has been designed to tell the story of my gamer's life in an interactive way.

I created a very simple but attractive timeline helped by using some CSS3 effects. I tried to keep content clear spacing it and using vertical rythm techniques.

Challenge Your Friends

ChallengeYourFriend est une ébauche d'un réseau social basé sur la capacité de ses membres à se défier entre eux. Il s'agit d'un petit projet réalisé en quelques jours afin de compléter un travail de projet d'entrepreneuriat d'une amie.

La charte graphique est assez simple, basée sur une couleur bleue inspirant la confiance. Le logo quant à lui reste assez minimaliste et peu représentatif si ce n'est qu'il évoque une flamme, symbole de compétition.


A friend of mine is currently creating a web-serie based on Alice in wonderland's universe. He has been funding his project using Ulule and then asked me to help him create an interactive website to support his project.

Actually the website is only another communication website for the project but it's gonna change to be something way more interactive once the web serie will begin (around October 2014).


Please feel free if you would like to have a chat.


Paris, France

(+33) 06 18 75 63 59




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